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Street Rabbit is the brainchild of Jason Ardiles, a Boise based musician, producer and songwriter. Growing up playing classical guitar and flamenco, he wanted to explore other genres of music to push his songwriting capabilities. In early 2017 he started experimenting with looping and drum machines to create structures for his songs as opposed to traditional guitar/bass/drums, which led him down a rabbit hole of sampling, looping, and experimenting with different textures. Street Rabbit bridges Folk, World Music and Electronic with Bizarre Pop undertones to create a sound that is melancholy and powerful at the same time. Street Rabbit's goal is not only to create catchy, well-written songs but also add an atmospheric quality to the songs he produces.

He links up with long-time friend Seth Paris to help him produce Street Rabbit's first record which will be coming out in 2022. Jason and Seth were driving to the studio one day when they saw a rabbit jump in front of their car. They both started laughing about what was wrong with that rabbit, because it almost killed them. Then suddenly they realized they had come up with the name for their new project: Street Rabbit.


They will be releasing singles throughout 2022 and eventually having a full length by the summer. Street Rabbit's first single of the year, "Gold Rush," will be released on Feb 1, 2022. Street Rabbit is currently live streaming music on Twitch to promote the upcoming record to be released in 2022.

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